All growlers filled in the Benchmark tasting room are tagged as shown here; calling out the beer it’s filled with as well as meeting the labeling requirements of the ABC as described here by the California Craft Brewers Association.


Regarding the above mentioned growler labeling law, here is our policy on filling containers in the Benchmark tasting room:

  1.  We will happily fill clean, undamaged, wide-mouth, light-fast (not clear) growlers that have no visible label from another brewery.
    • You may cover an existing label but we will not.
    • We do not provide tape etc. for your use.
    • We do stock large paper Benchmark stickers at the bar, $1 each.
    • A sleeve or sock that is not affixed to the container is not acceptable.
  2. You must provide a clean, undamaged, tight fitting lid for your growler.
  3. We reserve the right to refuse to fill any growler that is not up to our standards.
  4. We have state approval to fill containers in the below listed sizes:
    • 64 ounce
    • 40 ounce
    • 32 ounce
    • 2 liter
    • 1liter
  5. We do not fill small mouth growlers. This includes Palla or “Genie bottle” style growlers, 1L. flip top homebrew bottles and 32oz Boston Rounds. Our draft system creates too much waste with these styles. If you are unsure if your growler is wide mouth, test it by dropping a quarter into the opening, if it easily fits we will fill it.
  6. We do not fill Reduce Brand growlers, we have found that they do not seal properly.



All growlers  regularly sold at Benchmark are unbranded. We carry standard screw top glass growlers, and double wall stainless steel growlers in 64oz and 32oz sizes. We strive to offer all of our growlers at the best price possible.


We also carry vinyl Benchmark logo stickers and large paper stickers that can be used to cover existing artwork. These may be used on new unbranded glass (although this is not required) or on a growler you bring in with you.