•Where are you located? 6190 Fairmount Ave. Suite G. San Diego, CA 92120 •Will you fill my AleSmith, Alpine, or Societe growler? Yes, we will fill any growler that meets our policy requirements as long as you cover all distinguishing marks from another brewery. See our complete growler policy for details. (Link in the menu above). • What’s upstairs? Our upstairs space is private. We have offices and some open space that we currently lend to Yoga By Jill for classes, Wednesday at 6pm and Saturday at 11am. •Can I bring my kids? We welcome people of all ages in the brewery tasting room. We ask that you remember that you are not off duty as a parent while you enjoy your beer. •Are you dog friendly? Yes, we welcome well behaved and supervised dogs in the tasting room. All dogs are required to remain on leash, and they should keep all four paws on the floor. •Do you make beer here? Yes, this is our production facility. •Do you serve wine or cider? No, we are licensed to make and sell beer only. •Do you offer any gluten free beer? Not currently. •Is your beer vegan? Yes. •Do you serve other brewery’s beer? No, we are licensed only to serve beer that was made on premises. •Do you offer any non alcoholic beverages? Yes, we have cane sugar sodas, and organic juice pouches available for purchase. •Do you serve food? No, we are a brewery only, we schedule food vendors for special events and welcome you to BYO or have something delivered. We have a handful of delivery options in the neighborhood, ask your bartender for a recommendation. •Do you accept credit cards? Yes, we accept all national brand credit cards. •Even Amex and Discover? Yup. EVENTS & GROUPS
•Will you close down on Saturday so that I can have my birthday party at the brewery? No, we close to the public very rarely, and only for events hosted by the brewery. •I’m meeting a big group in your tasting room, will you reserve me some tables? Sure, we appreciate a heads up on large groups and as long as we are not planning some other event we are happy to reserve space for you. Please contact •Do you allow tour buses? Yes. We appreciate a heads up on large groups and bus tours. Please send an email to Unless you schedule your visit with us we reserve the right to turn you away, we may not have the space or the workforce to serve you properly. We will ask anyone who is clearly intoxicated not to enter the tasting room. We will check ID’s as folks exit the bus. •Will you donate a keg or raffle item to my event? We donate a limited amount of beer per quarter to non profit groups. Please fill out our request form here. PRODUCT
•Where can I buy your beer? Look for us on tap and in bottle shops around San Diego County. We are adding new accounts every week. Check out this map for a complete list of accounts, to keep up on brewery news and events subscribe to our newsletter here. •Can I buy a keg from you? Yes, we sell 1/6 barrel (5.16 gallon) and 1/2 barrel (15.5 gallon) kegs out of our tasting room as available. Prices range from $85 - $250 depending on the beer and keg size. If you want something specific please inquire at We do our best to accommodate retail sales, but cannot guarantee availability. •Can I buy a gift certificate for someone? Yes, we have gift certificates available in any denomination at the tasting room bar. •Do you bottle or can your beer? We offer several beers in 16oz cans core beer is offered year round, and our Parks Collection beers are released in 16oz cans on rotating basis. See "the beer" above for details. •Will you share your beer recipes? Our full scale recipes are proprietary. •When are you going to release a barrel aged beer? We do not currently have a barrel aging program. •When can I get more San Diego 71 Double IPA, Hildegard IIIPA, or Talking Tree Saison? We release out High Ground Series on a regular calendar, and our Parks Collection Beers on a rotating basis. See "the beer" tab in the menu above for details. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram or subscribe to our newsletter to be among the first to know when new beer is available. FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM TWITTER EMAIL LIST PINTEREST